At TMSpeaks, we do not measure success by the amount of money one has but by the impact one is making in the society. If you pay attention you will notice that all our campaigns are based on the word IMPACT.

The Matric Motivational Drive

Speaker Bio

As much as Covid-19 has brought so much uncertainties. When we look at the positive side of it, it gave birth to this impactful drive.
In 2020 when our founder Tshepiso Malema was doing grade 12, he realized that most of the matriculants including himself, lacked motivation due to all the obstacles faced during the year. He then decided to launch this drive by inviting motivational speakers to encourage learners before writing their exams.

The Christmas Lunch

Growing up in the townships, we understand that not everyone has a privilege to have a proper Christmas feast meal. We then amalgamated with the Flacko Promotions to bring smiles to the less fortunate.

The Kasi Giveback Campaign

As the bible says, the hand that gives is better than the hand that receives. We dedicate this campaign as our way of giving to the needy through donations we receive from the public.