What procrastination is, and how to overcome it.

Procrastination comes in all forms, shapes, and sizes in our lives. A typical example would be the habit of setting resolutions every year. On the first day of the year, everyone sets goals and targets to be realized within that year, but, because of procrastination, all the resolutions get thrown out of the window as early as the third month.
How many time have you not done a thing about these resolutions? Its most probably more than once, akere? Well my sister/brother that is called procrastination. And you’ll be learning all about it on this blog update.

What is procrastination?

Procrastination is a thief of your dreams, time, opportunities, potential, quality life and success.

Procrastination is the habit of delaying tasks, which hinders our performance, progress and the ability to reach our full potential.

Procrastination can lead one to sit with his/her great ideas that just need to be acted upon and implemented. We become content with laziness and mediocrity, yet we don’t stop complaining about what we don’t have, how broke we are, how we wish we had billionaire parents or how we wish we could win the lottery.

You are definitely procrastinating when:

  • You cannot start, because you want a perfect start.
  • You feel like you are not good enough.
  • You constantly get bored when you have to perform certain task.
  • You lack energy and enthusiasm.
  • You cannot plan a single thing, everything is chaotic.
  • You don’t know what to do next.
  • Nothing motivates you.
  • You don’t have determination.
  • You believe you are powerless.
  • You constantly doubt yourself.
  • You blame others for your lack of action, progress and success.
  • You spend most of your time unproductive, like sleeping too much, watching television or spending most of your time on social media.
  • Failure stops you.
  • You lack discipline and ethics.
  • You decide you are unable to do something without even trying.
  • You keep feeling sorry for yourself.

How to overcome procrastination

You can never overcome procrastination if cannot acknowledge it and its repercussions. The key to conquering procrastination is the words ‘now’, ‘here’ and ‘act’.

All obstacles and challenges are there to hinder your progress and stop you from forward with your goals and targets. Its up to you to decide what to do with all your procrastination habits and how to go about it. For any obstacle in your life, you can choose to go under it, bash it, drill through it, jump over it, put it aside, crush it, blast it, put a slap on it, spank it, walk on top of it,  or swim through it. Entlek just do anything with it, at the end “Life ke choice ya hao”

Before you come up with any plan to overcome this ‘little ngwana’ called Procrastination, you need to make time for everything.

You must be prepared to be more of a doer and person of action. Be prepared to rise from any fall or failure. Be prepared not to let any situation deter you and define you.

Lastly, believe that anything can be done if you put your mind to it mtase/mfethu. Have the strength and guts to keep repeating until you get it right.

I’d like to acknowledge a book called Procrastination by Thabisile Ledwaba for helping me overcome my procrastination habits and also having huge impact in compiling this blog update.

Get your book now on:


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