How I changed my mindset.

Most people do not see themselves as being creative, but we all are. Every day of my life I get to hear people saying, “Tshepiso is creative” or “I can’t do that, Tshepiso can!” and even worse “Tshepiso is a genius!”. We miss the point that we are all creative. We are all capable.

I want to share with you how I transformed to be this ambitious, self-motivated and hardworking young man I am today.

My journey to self-discovery

Two years back, I was a young boy who didn’t know his worth, I did not know that I was capable of achieving so much that I have already achieved at the moment. I used to settle for less (less marks, less knowledge, less respect, less courage, less goals, less everything!). I did not have a clear direction; I was in the wrong lane (bad associations).

How the transformation of my mindset took place

Few months after the death of my father I made a deep self-introspection. I needed to discover my purpose. I needed to notice the negative patterns in my life.

This is a list of some of some of the fundamental changes I made over my life:

  • I started reading inspirational books such as Billionaires under construction by DJ Sbu which changed my life immediately after reading it, I also recommend it to you.
  • My data used to get finished by watching YouTube motivational videos from inspirational icons such as Vusi Thembekwayo, Washington Denzel and Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  • I changed friends. Your associations play the biggest role in determining the kind of future you will have. I emphasized this topic on my previous blog updates (Who do you surround yourself with?) Click the link and check it out if you missed it.
  • I stopped waiting for things to happen to me, and I started making things happen because of me.
  • I started finding mentors. Well someone can ask him/herself how do you find mentors?

A mentor could be an elder, a brotherly/sisterly figure, your mom’s boss or a peer.
They can be from any walk of life; they don’t have to be rich or famous.

How to find your mentor?

For me, it usually starts by identifying someone who has achieved something that I want to do. For example, I look at businesspeople who have been very successful, and who have gone about their work in a way that I admire. It’s important that you choose a person who’s accessible. Social media has made it possible to find almost anyone. Dig into your industry or field of expertise to see who’s doing what, and then approach them.

To summarize everything. When you want a brighter future, you need to do things that many people won’t do so that you may have things that many people won’t have.

With all the above tips, I hope they gave you a bigger picture of how you can start your journey to pursuing your future endeavours. I’d like to leave you with these words:

“Your entire life can really change in a year. You just gotta love yourself enough to know you deserve more, brave enough to demand more, and be disciplined enough to actually work for more.”

-Emmanuel Sir Bonoko


3 replies on “How I changed my mindset.”

I am really motivated. I just feel honoured to have read this blog, it makes me want to change my ways and my directions too .It will surely influence me to do better to secure my future. Thank you

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❤️ hey Siphiwe I’m really glad that this blog has a great impact on your life. Thanks for letting these words sink in you 🙏… Please subscribe by clicking the menu bar on you top left to get updated whenever there’s a new post.
Thank you 🔖


How You Challenged Yourself To Become A Better Version Of Yourself Is An Inspiration, The Blog Is By Far The Best-read👏🏽.

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