About Tshepiso Malema Speaks

Good day family!

Before I start with the blog posts I’d like to give you an overview and a bigger picture of what Tshepiso Malema Speaks is all about.
To cut a long story short, Tshepiso Malema Speaks is a journey of a self-driven young man from one of disadvantaged townships called Tembisa.

I’m sure you’re wondering who is this Tshepiso Malema. Well I’m an ambitious, hardworking young man who has found a niche in Entrepreneurship. Through this blog I want to share my journey to every young person from all four corners of the earth(north, south, east and west) who wants a brighter future but has no clue in how to start pursuing his/her endeavour.

I promise to share an authentic story and share some of the lessons I’m learning through my journey, so that you don’t fall into the same mistakes.

I want to assure you that you by subscribing/ following this blog your mindset won’t be the same again and you will do greater thing which you never thought you could do.

Please do engage with me by leaving a comment, sharing and liking the blog posts. I love you all!


11 replies on “About Tshepiso Malema Speaks”

Tshepiso Malema I am so proud of you and although you might find this hard to believe, I really look up to you and you are amongst the most ambitious and focused teenagers I love surrounding myself with. Keep on doing the most and being an everyday inspiration .
#Big up
#Tshepiso Malema speaks

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